ECCMID 2016 Breaking News – System Vaccinology

From ‪#‎ECCMID2016‬ to ‪#‎SIMicrobiologia‬ science news: system vaccinology.

ECCMID2016-Bali-PulendranProf Bali Pulendram (Atlanta, USA) today has discussed on how using the system biology approach can be useful to predict the immunogenicity of the yellow fever vaccine in humans.

Moreover, he has pointed out an important aspect on the potential application of system biology: is it possible to transform big data in knowledge and then into real learning in this field?

Yes. In the case of vaccines system biology would help to couple nutritional starvation to immunity and inflammation, to describe the impact of the microbiome on vaccine immunity and to learn how to induce persistent antibody response to vaccination itself. FOLLOW US at #ECCMID2016

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