IUMS 2022- International Union of Microbiological Societies

IUMS 2022 is less than three months away, and the preliminary scientific program is waiting for you to explore it!

At IUMS there will be 5 main Bridging Sessions presented by each of the three IUMS divisions.

Enjoy these sessions live in Rotterdam or online:

  • Bridging Session 1: Microbiomes and Viromes in the Anthropocene
  • Bridging Session 2: Innate Immunity as a First Line against Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi
  • Bridging Session 3: Return After a Period of Absence: Dormancy, Persistence and Relapse
  • Bridging Session 4: The Development of Resistance: Host-Pathogen Arms Race
  • Bridging Session 5: Emerging Diseases in ‘One Health’ Context

It is possible to reserve your spot and you can save up to €215 before June 1 2022.

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