JUNE 6-7, 2022

CONGRESS VENUE Centro Congressi Humanitas Via Manzoni 113 – Rozzano MI – Italy

Endocarditis is a complex clinical pathology with a high mortality rate despite diagnostic and therapeutic improvements. In recent years, we have seen significant changes in its epidemiological and clinical profile, with a variation in the population at risk and increase in nosocomial formes of endocarditis with antibioticresistent or fastidious bacteria.

Endocarditis is a great simulator when it occurs with an embolic event that might lead diagnosis towards other pathologies, or it may in turn be simulated by disparate diseases. Rapid diagnostic recognition and appropriate therapy are crucial to eradicate the infection, prevent embolism, and treat cardiac failure.

Guidelines provide useful support even though based mainly on the opinions of experts rather than on randomized studies with some inconsistencies between varying medical scientific societies. Diagnostic and therapeutic management is therefore an important clinical challenge that often requires a tailored approach. Multi-specialist involvement with structured pathways may optimize the outcome.

The congress aims to analyze perspectives on prevention in the panorama of a mutated epidemiology, provide the state-of-the-art of microbiological diagnostic techniques, evaluate clinically integrated multidisciplinary approaches, focus on differentiated pathways in the context of extracardiac involvement or comorbidities of endocarditis patients.

The expected outcome is the improvement of multidisciplinary clinical methodology to optimize patientcentred workup and increase sensibility towards preventive measures to reduce the epidemiological burden in the emergent population at risk.


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