6th Innovative Approaches for the identification of Antiviral Agents Summer School

The Summer School entitled  “Innovative approaches for the identification of antiviral agents”, that is now at its 6th edition and that this year will be in presence.
It will take place in Pula (Cagliari, Italy) from September 26th to September 30th 2022, with the patronage of the European Society for Virology, the Federation of European Microbiological Societies, the Italian Society for Microbiology and Molecular Biology, the Sardinia Ricerche Research agency and other Institutions.
The goal is to allow young scientists (PhD students and young post-docs) to meet and interact with internationally recognized experts in the field, recognizing that successful mentoring requires a combination of critically reviewing scientific literature, sharing ideas and discussing new paradigms for future research.The Summer School will be of 4 full working days (plus arriving and departure days) that will be organized into:i) a morning series of plenary lectures from experts in the fieldii)  an afternoon of presentation of young scientists’ researchiii) evening of small thematic discussion groupsCurrently the panel of speakers includes:Graciela Andrei (Leuven)Kathrine Seley-Radtke (Baltimore)Johan Neyts (Leuven)Jean Nachega (Pittsurg)Vincenzo Summa (Napoli)Stefan Pöhlmann (Göttingen)Chris Meier (Hamburg)Albrecht Von Brunn (Munich)Massimo Palmarini (Glasgow)Andrea Brancale (Prague)Ben Berkout (Amsterdam)Priscilla Yang (Standford)Reuben Harris (San Antonio)Enzo Tramontano (Cagliari)Branka Horvat (Lyon)St. Patrick Reid (Homaha)The Summer School will be held at the Sardegna Ricerche Research Park http://www.sardegnaricerche.it/attivita/parcotecnologico/ and at the Hotel Flamingo, Santa Margherita di Pula http://www.hotelflamingosardinia.com/, which are close to the Cagliari airport. In order to enroll, students will have to apply by sending an abstract according to the summer school format and will be selected according to their contribute and Curriculum Vitae.
All the information are available at http://people.unica.it/iaaass/
The indications to apply for the travel grant are available at http://people.unica.it/iaaass/registration/.
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