Summer School of Immuno-Oncology – 2nd edtion


14-17 September 2022

Villa San Remigio Università del Piemonte Orientale


The “Summer School of Immuno-Oncology – 2nd edtion” aims to discuss knowledge and recent advances in the field of cancer immunotherapy.
A panel of national and international lecturers will cover various aspects of preclinical and clinical immuno-oncology, ranging from the study of basic pathogenetic mechanisms for the discovery of new immunotherapeutic targets to more clinical aspects related to the effectiveness of combinatorial approaches in boosting cancer immunotherapy.

The school will provide young oncologists, PhDs and PhD students involved in clinical and research projects related to cancer immunotherapy with a solid background in novel immuno-oncology topics and through advanced analysis of preclinical and clinical data.

The goal is to discuss the current state of knowledge in the field of cancer immunotherapy from an interdisciplinary and translational “bench-to- bedside” standpoint.


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