Research professor in Clinical and Translational Virology focused on DNA viruses

The Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Transplantation of the KU Leuven, invites scholars to apply for the full‐time research professorship in Clinical and Translational Virology focused on DNA viruses.

This research position joins the Laboratory of Virology and Chemotherapy that is also part of the Rega Institute, a leading center for antiviral drug development This position is funded by the Special Research Fund (BOFZAP), established by the Flemish Government. We are looking for motivated and internationally oriented candidates with an excellent research record and with educational competence in the field of human DNA viruses (particularly herpes-, pox-, polyoma-, and papillomaviruses).

Further to the upcoming retirement of two professors conducting translational research in the DNA virus research group of the Virology and Chemotherapy laboratory, the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Transplantation wants to expand its team with an excellent junior professor that will complement the expertise of our DNA virus team and participate in the expansion of the Research Group for AntiViral Resistance platform (RegaVir) and the network of national and international laboratories formed around it.

RegaVir was in 2015 recognized as Belgian National Reference Center for genoftyping drug-resistance among DNA viruses and offers a scientific basis to improve therapy of for herpesviruses infections in different categories of immunocompromised patients. The appointment is expected to start on October 1, 2023.

Applications will be evaluated in parallel and independently by

1) the KU Leuven Research Council in a competitive process across academic domains and

2) the faculty advisory committee.

During the first 10 years, the teaching assignments as a research professor will be rather limited.

Afterwards, the position will be transformed into a regular professorship.


Visit the website for more informations and to apply: 

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